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PHOENIX CONSULTANTS delivers back office support services to Title Plant companies, Title Insurance Companies, Attorneys and Brokers. Our services cover the spectrum of transactions that involve Purchase of a property, Re-finance or Real Estate ownership. The key focus area is in providing timely and high quality delivery in this competitive market to our customers.
Our Oath to Client
  • We will manage your business as if we are the client.
  • We will be available when you need us.
  • We will provide the highest quality counse.
  • We will do business on your terms
Products & Services
  • Current Owner
  • Search 2-Owner
  • Search Full Title
  • Search REO Search
  • Deed Search Update
  • Search O&E Reports
  • Document Retrieval
  • Property Tax Services
  • Title Commitment / Preliminary Report
  • Timeshare Report
Current Owner Search:
We Perform current owner title search and will provide Summarized easy to read O&E Report along with relevant documents like last recorded owner of the property, the legal description of the property, and any open liens, mortgages, judgments.
2-Owner Search:
Summarized easy to read O&E Report along with relevant documents like Current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the deed prior to the out-of-family deed and also any open liens, mortgages, Lis Pendens and judgments that are attached to the property or the current owner.
Full Title Search:
We perform Full Search which is ideal for any real estate transaction where the buyer wants to know about all outstanding liens, mortgages and judgments recorded against the property.
REO Search:
We will conduct a thorough search of all aspects of the property his-tory. Based on customer request will identify lien position as well as junior and senior lien holders will generate report accordingly.
Deed Search:
We show or provide you the most recent deed in the chain of title.
Update Search:
Update run or search on the subject property from the last effective date to till effective and reporting new items found of record in the search.
O&E Reports:
We provide report that identifies the last recorded owner of the property, legal description and any open liens, mortgages, Lindens and judgments that are attached to the property or the current owner.
Document Retrieval:
We can provide any real estate documents from County Official Records such as Deed, Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Assignments, Modification Agreement, Subordination, Satisfaction/Release, liens and UCC’s based on client request.
Title Commitment/ Preliminary Report:
We perform thorough title search and com-mitment report will be generated to show current ownership, outstanding Mortgages, liens, easements, covenants, agreements, and restrictions and examines the search documents to identify any defects such as lack of homestead language, legal description defects, fraudulent conveyances, etc.
Timeshare Report:
We perform all possible frequency (Even, Odd and annual) searches to make sure that there is no double sale on the property. We also perform Bankruptcy and Military search to prepare our reports.
Our Work Flow
STEP1 We will receive the orders from customer through Email
STEP2 Orders will get allocated to Examiner by respective shift supervisor
STEP3 Examiner starts processing the order by using our Title Plant and other resources to complete search
STEP4 Examiner strats the examination of property related documents affecting the PIQ, Tax Status, Open Liens, identification of defect in documents, etc
STEP5 Preperation of report as per the as per the customer request. Capturing of Vesting, open Liens & Mortages. Tax Status, etc on the basis of searching and examing done.
STEP6 Orders will get allocated to QC by respective shift supervisor
STEP7 QC rechecks the work of Examiner to ensure a quality product is dispatched to the customer. Finally the completed product is dispatched to the customer through FTP/Email
Introduction Of Positions
Phoenix consultants examining team:
  • Have depth knowledge in Title Insurance.
  • Well versed with the process.
  • Team will recognize documents, that has to be considered in the report.
  • Team will judge whether a document will have an effect on the property in question and whether the same has to be considered or not.
  • Average experience of the Examiner team is 5 Years.
Phoenix consultants QC team:
  • Have depth knowledge in Title Insurance.
  • Well versed with the process.
  • Team providing 95% quality consistently.
  • Average experience of the QC team is 8 years.
Phoenix consultants supervisory team:
  • Our supervisory team has vast experience in Title Industry.
  • Average experience of the Supervisory team is 10 years.
  • Involved in planning of production, team performance review and quality calls with clients and process improvement plans.
  • Providing floor support for the team.
  • Responding timely manner to customer emails and answering to their questions.
Benefits working with us:
  • One Stop Solutions for Title Search.
  • Industry best Turnaround Time.
  • Assured 95% quality in delivery of all the products.
  • Expertise Searchers & Examiners Covering all the States.
  • Cost Effective Solutions.
  • 24/7 Email and Voice Support.
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