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For talent acquisition firms, no less than for other kinds of businesses, the primary means of achieving competitive advantage is to have a better understanding of the wants and needs of clients than does the competition. Phoenix Human Capital Pvt Ltd., recognizes that each Client organisation/industry has its nuances in terms of management style, hiring practices, compensation norms, etc. In order to effectively value-add to clients’ talent acquisition needs, Phoenix Consultants has developed expertise across the following Industry verticals:

  • IT, ITES & Telecom
  • Engineering, Process Industry & Infrastructure
  • Life sciences & Healthcare

Each of the above industry verticals is headed by an industry specialist with functional domain knowledge and relevant industry exposure. The client servicing across these industry domains resembles an “Account Management Team”, which matches the “personality” of the client and has a major influence on the success of assignments.

By allocating the right resources to different client assignments across industry verticals, there is an opportunity to influence the cost of the work, its quality, and the timelines of its delivery. Wise use of assignment decisions profoundly influences PHOENIX’s chances of earning follow-on business and strong referrals.

The key drivers that drive talent acquisition in good times and bad times, in tight labour markets or soft ones, largely remains unchanged. Businesses always need highly-skilled talent, and in order to grow they need to attract and deploy that talent in focused ways.

The traditional “just-in-case candidate fill” approach does not contribute to sustainable business success. The effective method is to align work force planning initiatives to corporate objectives in a word to startegise. The real importance of talent acquisition, and the door opener for talent management at the proverbial seat at the boardroom table, is the recognition that a business cannot reach the right talent without making a conscious strategic effort to do so.

Our Portfolio of service offering here includes:

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy Development & Implementation
  • SMART sourcing – Creating a Sourcing Strategy aimed at improving our clients’ Talent Acquisition Process
  • Talent Pool Mapping Exercise
  • Measuring & Improving Talent strategies
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Atalent acquisition firm’s leverage is central to its economics. The successful leveraging of top professionals is at the heart of the success of the professional a firm like PHOENIX. Profits, in large part come from PHOENIX’s ability, through its client account management team structure, to leverage the professional skills of the seniors with the efforts of juniors.

By leveraging its high cost seniors with low cost juniors, PHOENIX reduces its cost to the clients while simultaneously generating additional profit for the partners. The market for PHOENIX’s services determines the professional fees it can command for a given client assignment, its costs determined by its abilities to deliver the service with a cost effective mix of junior, middle-level and senior time.

Striking an optimum balance between the proportion of juniors to seniors, strengthens PHOENIX’s client appeal by lowering its service delivery costs. The account management team structure of PHOENIX is therefore an important component of its profitability. The relationship between PHOENIX’s leverage structure and its three goals is illustrated in the exhibit below, which shows the principal forces tying these elements together in servicing of client assignments.

The structure of the work assignment teams clearly affects the level of client satisfaction to a great degree. PHOENIX follows a scheduling system in matching its many staff members to the client engagement. It strives to achieve here an optimum allocation that is a function of four major variables

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Profitability
  • Staff Morale
  • Professional Development

The scheduling system ensures that all Client engagements are managed by a team assembled on real assignment skill requirements, real capabilities and real developmental needs. The scheduling decision is managed by the Industry Vertical Practice Leader/Head.

The exhibit below represents a typical client assignment scheduling system at PHOENIX. Scheduling has longer-term consequences as well. Over time, the pattern of client assignments given to professionals will profoundly influence their professional development, their worth to the talent acquisition firm and to clients, their satisfaction with the firm, and, as a result, their motivation and productivity. Viewed as a connected set of decisions, judicious scheduling of client assignments plays a larger role in the dissemination of expertise throughout the firm, acting as a primary vehicle for converting the experience and knowledge of individuals into the experience and knowledge of the firm as a whole.

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